Swedish -

This massage is done with various modalities and techniques to help in the flow of oxygen in the blood and thereby releasing various toxins.  The benefits are relief from aches, pains and muscle strain,  blood circulation, physical and/or emotional stress.

Firm/Deep -

Concentration on the deeper layers of the muscle and fascia by using deep finger/arm pressure and slow firm strokes. Relieving chronic pain by loosening the tight tissue clusters and can also eventually break up scar tissue.

TMJ/Headache -

Headaches can be caused by muscle tension do to stress. either mental or physical.  TMJ can caused by a multitude of problems, usual found in and around the neck and shoulders.  Massaging the muscles in these areas can ease the tension and improve circulation.

Trigger Point -

Stress affects each individual in a variety of ways.  Excess stress that cannot be eliminated from the body is stored in specific spots or knots called trigger points.  This stored energy usually occurs along a nerve or nerve pathway, which can result in diminished nerve flow.  Conditions such as headaches, stiff necks, TMJ and low back  pain can be linked to nerve interference.  By applying pressure to those areas you can loosen and release the tension in and around that area.

Myofascial Release -

Fascia encompass and separate muscle groups in the body.  Problems arise when the fascia becomes stuck to the tissues it is supposed to separate and stabilize, therefore muscles are not able to move freely.  By pressing down with your fingers and palms in the direction of the restriction, the fascia is released.  

Add on - (add on is incorporated into the massages, no additional time added)

               Rapid tension release - combined with massage, helps with muscle stiffness, soreness, 

                                                  range of motion and circulation to help release tension and pain

               Aromatherapy -  Lavender only blend: helps calm and relax, balancing 

                                         Muscle ache blend:  lavender and rosemary, (rosemary helps alleviate

                                          pain and swelling, also anti inflammatory)

                                          Headache blend:  Lavender, peppermint, frankincense, (peppermint)  

                                          helps with headaches, nausea, relieves congestion of sinuses,                                                                      (frankincense) helps relaxation, stress, calms the mind 

              Foot scrub -         Hot towels, foot scrub blend (Epsom salt, mineral salt, aloe and 

                                          coconut oil) Shea butter foot massage

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